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Barry Island Primary School's Story Trail 

Barry Island Primary School's Story Trail

Barry Island Primary School's Story Trail
Barry Island Primary School pupils were tasked with developing a ICT project that would incorporate their work and develop local tourism! Following much deliberation the children formulated a fantastic idea, a Story Trail! The Story Trail leads our  ‘tech-tastic’ tourists around Barry Island using their knowledge of QR codes to explore the innovative learning platform provided by the school. The aim is to celebrate local history, key locations and embrace children’s imaginations.

We feel it is an exciting opportunity to share children’s writing and create a buzz around Barry Island for all ages. An intergenerational project of this magnitude will give the new generation of tourists an exciting and innovative method of visiting the Island. Please view the children's work below...

When visiting the coastal area of Barry Island, look out for the logo below. Use your Smartphone to scan the QR Code to find out what happens!

story trail logo.PNG
Example QR code for stry trail.png
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