School Clubs

Sports Clubs

Foundation Phase Football Club

 Our every popular Foundation Phase Football club for children in Years 1 & 2.

The club runs after school and provides children the chance to make decisions for themselves, encourage them to problem solve in an environment where making mistakes is part of the learning process. Every activity is intended to improve motor skills, balance, co-ordination and agility in a fun, playful but educational environment.

We hope the children continue their progression with football and following into junior clubs outside of school.

Key Stage 2 Football Club

Football Club is for children from Years 3- 6.

Each week we start off with warm up activities and games. These are followed by technical drills and a little bit of tactical advice; focusing on body positioning and special awareness of players.

The aim of the club is to have fun, learn new skills and to develop our footballing skills!

We will be competing in a mini league with other Vale school. Pupils from Year 5 and 6 will take part in games against pupils of the same age.

Netball Club

Netball club is an ever popular club within the school.

All the children really enjoy the club and competing throughout the year with many of them showing some amazing potential.

Netball is a difficult game to learn, with each position have its own specific role and area that they are allowed.  Our Y5 & Y6’s have really enjoy all the training sessions and are look forward to playing matches against other schools as we are very competitive.

Tag Rugby Club

Tag Rugby club always starts off with a bang!  The most important rule about tag rugby is to have fun and enjoy ourselves, remembering that both the opposition and the referee are also there to enjoy the game!

Tag Rugby is played between two teams of 7 players on a pitch, roughly half the size of a normal rugby pitch but we can have unlimited substitutions throughout the match.

Tag Rugby is a strict non-contact game. There are no scrums or line-outs and tackling is strictly forbidden. In our training sessions, we are learning to remember to run at spaces, not faces!

We also learn about the importance of preventing injuries by warming up (with stretches) before a game and cooling down after the game.

Activity & Thinking Clubs

Stem Club

Here in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) club we have lots of different activities and challenges to solve.

We have been using LEGO to build, create and construct different models as part of challenges.  We will be carrying out science investigations, using technology to solve problems and also cracking complex mathematical logarithms.

It is great fun and everyone is really enjoying finding out what challenges and investigations lie ahead and working together to try and solve them.  Follow us on our school twitter feed #STEMclub and on our school blog.

Magic Maths and Number Zone Club

Year 1 and 2 enjoy testing their skills in Maths club. Children play a range of activities based around the concepts they have been learning in class.  Activities include using online games and iPad applications, playing board games and using practical mathematical equipment.  Children work in small groups leading and learning from each other.  Magic Maths is aimed at foundation phase children to support early mathematical development through a variety of maths games inside and outside the classroom, and lots of hands on practical activities.  Magic Maths runs in the summer Term.


Choir is on Tuesday evenings with Mrs Woolley and children from Years 2- 6.

Each week we start off with one or two warm up games! Followed by learning new songs and singing some old favourites as well!

The aim of the club is to have fun, learn new skills and to increase our confidence through singing!

We will be learning a mix of songs form a variety of genres throughout the year. We also like the pupils to suggest songs that they would like to learn, to encourage full participation!

French Club

Bienvenue au Club Francais

French Club is aimed at children in year 1 and 2.

Each week we learn about a new topic, with the children giving ideas about what they would like to do.  The emphasis is on fun with French songs and games.

The children are encouraged to share their learning with each other and to speak in French – Naturellement!

Dance Club

Dance club is aimed at children from Year 5 and 6.

The emphasis is on enjoyment, equal encouragement and opportunities to all.

We will be looking at divers styles of dance, from Contemporary and Ballet to Salsa and Jive. Street dancing including breaking, popping and locking to Hip-hop.  As well as the traditional Welsh folk and clog dancing.

Looking at the importance of technique and having the chance to choreograph own dance moves with today’s hit music; our aim is to spark imagination, inspire creativity and open doors to an all round new experiences.

Throughout the year we aim to perform at the Sherman Theatre and participate in the annual Eisteddfod.

Creative Clubs

Scrapbook & Papercraft Club

Our Paper crafting and Scrapbooking Club will be exploring lots of different paper crafting techniques such as stamping, die cutting, heat embossing, paper quilling, iris folding and decoupage and using these new skills to design and create our own cards to send to friends and families.

We have already learned that scrapbooks can take many different forms and can be made out things that we might ordinarily throw away, e.g., old envelopes, cardboard tubes and even paper bags!  We’ll be looking out for scraps of ribbon, pretty paper, coloured feathers, buttons and beads and even bits of unwanted jewellery, so if you have anything at home that you no longer need, our crafty magpies would love to have it in their craft boxes!

Our club have the opportunity to practise many of our key skills – working together and problem solving, using digital technology along with measuring accurately, working in fractions and estimating for our designs and layouts and journaling our scrapbooks.

At times, we will make our own gift boxes and treat boxes, to be able to make small and inexpensive gifts for party bags.  As a special finishing touch, we’ll learn to make different kinds and rosettes to decorate our packages.

Film Club

INTO FILM is a new organisation established by leading film education charities First Light and FILM CLUB to encourage young people across the UK aged 5 – 19 to learn through and about film, providing them with a wide range of activities to encourage watching, understanding and making film.

Barry Island Primary’s Film club is hugely successful across the whole of the UK! Two of our members won places on the national youth advisory panel last year. Our entire club voted in the Welsh childrens’ BAFTAs in Cardiff. This year already, we have been asked to send in applications for a talent development scheme which could see our children hitting the red carpet and learning skills which could lead to jobs in the media!

Photography Club

Photography Club is aimed at at children from Year 3,4,5 and 6, meeting together to learn more about taking photographs, famous photographers, animation and using digital cameras.

They learn to use a variety of lenses including a 35mm and zoom lens to take portraits of all the club members.

Our aim is to learn how to take fantastic photographs but we will also learn about how to edit photographs to change/improve them.  Definitely a club for the creative individual.

ICT Club

ICT Club / Future Tech Girls is aimed at  children from Year 3,4,5 and 6,  meeting together to learn more about a wide aspect of developing ICT skills both through the apple medium and Windows based software.

Learning including the process of film making, the importance of Internet Safety and safe use of the computer, animation, effective internet research, comparison tables, exploring apps and much more.  Pupil collaboration and sharing of good ideas is at the forefront of our successful ICT Club.

A popular club and essential for developing those skills as a 21st Century learner.

Story Art Club

This is a well attended club. We have lots of fun experimenting with a variety of media and looking at all the elements of art through different stories.  We do enjoyable activities and put forward our own ideas and suggestions for future weeks. We sometimes take our Art work home or we put it on display for everyone to look at. We like our areas to be bright and colourful and we have lots of fun making them look great! We enjoy learning new skills and techniques.s.