Hwb Centre Of Excellence

We are proud to have been awarded recognition for our Hwb initiatives within the school and are now a Centre of Excellence working collaboratively with Cadoxton Primary School. Our aim is to raise the profile of Hwb and Hwb+ within schools across the Central South Consortium.  As our role we:

  • invite teachers, LSA’s and children to come and see good practice in our schools
  • offer team teaching with one of our Hwb trainers
  • offer after school inset sessions
  • offer purpose made training in other schools with staff / children
  • offer intermediate and advanced training at our Hwb Centre of Excellence @Cadoxton Primary School
  • offer training on the use of Hwb initiatives such as Just2easy, Encyclopaedia Britannica and Office 365
  • offer guidance and support in using Hwb and Hwb+ to develop and raise standards of Numeracy and Literacy
  • offer support and guidance on the successful implementation of Hwb in school
  • offer practical sessions by Digital Leaders and eCadets