Dosbarth Onnen’s Sherman Theatre Workshop

We were very lucky in Dosbarth Onnen to welcome Anita from the Sherman Theatre to school this week.


First we played some warm up games in the storytelling circle.

“We had to say random words and throw a ball.” ECC

IMG_4215 IMG_4213

Next we used our imaginations to picture a woodland.

IMG_4227 IMG_4226

 “Anita helped us to use our imagination. She told us to imagine that a hot air balloon came by your window. She said the balloon is flying to a woodland and you can see anything that you want. I chose to see a giant spider spinning a web in between two trees.” AE

Then we went on a hunt around the garden using our senses.

IMG_4228 IMG_4222

“We used our senses. We looked for things we could smell and touch and things we could hear.” EB

“I enjoyed looking at nature and feeling nature” AW


Finally, we made a story together using all of our ideas.

We all really enjoyed her visit!

“I liked how Anita talked about theatres” OB

I liked my ideas that there were four waterfalls and they go down into a big lake. There were cranes all surrounding it.” TB

“I enjoyed when we went around the garden and smelt and felt flowers” JF


Source: Barry Island Blog

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