Digital Literacy Week with ECadet Challenges

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The eCadets have been very busy this term ensuring we are all e-safety smart, making Henry @eCadets and @minieCadets They set challenges for the whole school during the digital literacy week to ensure all children and teachers stay safe whilst on line.


They started the week with an assembly showing the whole school the eCadet video about using technology. The facts were incredible. We couldn’t believe how many children use games on line each day. They then visited every classroom and shared a short film they had made about their ideas for internet safety rules.

Our mini eCadets set the challenge for Dosbart Ceirios to build a police station for Henry and the eCadets. Dosbarth Ceirios and Mesen have enjoyed role playing being Henry and checking everyone is being e-SMART. They also talked about how they feel when they receive an e-mail that uses kind words and drew a picture of how it made them feel. They then talked about what they liked to do on the computer with their friends and what they should remember to keep safe. They made a road sign for us to remember good behavior on line.


Dosbarth Ceirios have fun in the HQ helping Henry patrol cyber space

  ecad neg signs

ecad onnen posit beh

Dosbarth Onnen design roadsigns to show negative and positive behaviour for staying safe on line

ecad hywen knwo who talk to

ecad hywen know who talking to

Dosbarh Hywen find out about how we know who we are talking to

Dosbarth Hywen and Onnen drew a means of transport for Henry to keep the internet a safe place for children, these included a rocket that has a special antenna that detects if someone isn’t safe. Lucky Henry.Dosbarth Mesen got creative by making a Headquarters for Henry using a cardboard box which Ceirios had fun exploring with too.

police 3

Dosbarth Mesen work together to build a police station

Da iawn mini-eCadets I’m sure Henry and the gang at HQ are just as proud of you as we are at Barry Island.

min ecadets

@eCadets @Mini eCadets

The eCadets have been educating keystage 2 about PEGI ratings. They worked collaboratively to devise rules for PEGI rating for ages 3, 7, 12 and 16. which will be shared with the whole school in an e-safety assembly after half term. They had great fun and enjoyed working with their friends. They then designed logo’s for different Pegi ratings.

IMG_0328 IMG_0327


Dosbarth Helygen made posters to remind us of rules how to stay safe on line


Dosbarth Derw share their ideas about the rules they decided upon for Pegi rating 3,7,11 and 16


IMG_0321  Dosbarth Bedwen use Hwb+ to Blog about their e-safety learning


Dosbarth Bedwen research and discuss ideas about rules to keep us safe online


Dosbarth Derw Blog about their learning about Pegi rating and what they found out with their research

ecad dia rank                                Dosbarth Bedwen  Diamond Ranking our ideas about who is responsible for keeping us safe online.

ecad bedwen design pegi

Dosbarth Bedwen designing Pegi rating logos

During the week year 6 have been coding using Kodu, Scratch and J2ECode to create games and just be “Fabtastic Entrepreneurs “ , designing games, merchandise and logos to sell their products as entries to a gaming competition.

kodu y6

ecad cod Y6

getting ready to pitch her game!

Overall the Digital Literacy Week and eCadet challenges have been a huge success as always with all children developing a vast amount of technical skills, mathematical skills and language development.  Our one take away this week –


ecadet logo


Source: Barry Island Blog

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