Dosbarth Ceirios Trip to BarryBados, May 2015



hutDosbarth Ceirios enjoyed their end of term Summer 1 trip with a Play Day on the beach with their buddies in Dosbarth Celyn. They wrote their buddies an invitation inviting them to come and join in the fun and learn some of the new skills they have developed over their topic BOUNCE. They handed the invitations to their buddies and were really excited about the prospect of an afternoon out on BarryBados.




Over the term they have developed new skills with a variety of balls, bats and hula-hoops. They even made up a game and recorded the rules of play and how to score points. They wanted to share these new skills and games with their buddies, and there is no better place than our very own BarryBados Beach.

IMG_7636 IMG_7633


The afternoon started well with a lovely walk to the beach and our first carousel of fun play activities started. We had time to shine in the sand with Miss. Cox, Hockey with Mrs. Evans, football with Mr. Smith and Super Star Challenges with Mr. Johnson.


The sky was blue, we were having great fun and then the clouds slowly drifted over, the winds picked up and the rain and hail began to fall. We did try to be optimistic and try again when it looked less grey but the thunder began and the hail turned into golf ball shaped hailstones. We showed Dosbarth Celyn how good we are at running, skipping and jumping through the rain and puddles (skills we have been developing throughout the topic) and we headed for the new shelter. The rain did ease and we decided to walk at pace back to school.

IMG_0256 IMG_0262 IMG_0261 IMG_0260                                  IMG_0258



On reflection it was a great afternoon as we did have some fun and we got to spend time with our lovely buddies.   The year 4 children were a credit to the school and really showed a caring side to their characters, helping and praising them when they needed support. Da iawn Dosbarth Ceirios a Dosbarth Celyn. Besides, a bit of rain never hurt anyone, and as we say at Barry Island – whatever the weather!!!



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